Ch. Veneze Chaos VA Sch2 kkl1 Hips a normal elbows normal DNA gepruft
Top GSD Female 2010

8.5 months of age. A Black and Gold bitch of very good size and compact proportions with super strength. Very good hind quarters with excellent broad thighs. The fore chest is well developed and the shoulder and upper arm are exemplary. She has a feminine relaxed expression with dark eyes. She stands true in front and behind with strong bones and short hocks. She moves straight coming towards and wide behind. She maintains excellent deportment when walking but I would like to see her lower her centre of gravity more when competing in the class and just needs to convince more and demonstrate she wants it.

Judge Joe Summerhill. British Sieger, Birmingham, Minor Puppy 2008

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Show Results:
Flanders Int Feb 2014 V1 CACIB & BOB
Mouscroun Jan 2014 V1 CACIB & BOB
Antwerpen June 2013 V1 & CACIB
British Sieger  
S.A.T.S CC J. McLain
Birmingham National CC M.Purnell- Carpenter
East of England CC M.Vines
2day National SG2  Margit van Dorsen
Leicester   1st Res CC Liv Evije
WELKS   Res CC   Shirly Jackson

Standing Data:
Sire: Yenno vom Hühnegrab SchH3  V
Dam: Veneze Ada SchH1 Kkl1
Yasko vom Farbenspiel  (3-3)
A - vom Hühnegrab (Angie - Alin, Alin)  (4 - 5, 5)
Date of Birth: 18.01.2008