Veneze Connor 2 CC V1 SchH2 kkl1

'a' normal hips, normal elbows, DNA gepruft, Hhaemophilia clear

8 ½ months. Black & Gold. Big, strong, impressively masculine male. Strong and typical head, slightly light eyes but still good expression. Built on clean lines with a straight back, slightly short croup. Excellent angles for and aft. Correct front. Very well developed chest. Still to firm a little all through. He moves soundly with very good strides and vigour.
Judge Wayne Vessey. British Sieger, Minor Puppy 2008

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Show Results:
GSDC Wales 2011 CC Ryan Rambridge
British Sieger 2010 
A. Woerner
Oppenheim Germany 2010 V2 Heinz Scheeer
Midland Counties GSDA CC  J. Steigler
British   Sieger   2009  SG2 H. Setzer
Irish Sieger Show Youth Sieger Rudiger  Mai

Standing Data: Breeding:
Date of Birth: 18.01.2008
Sire: *Yenno vom Hühnegrab SchH3  V
Dam: Veneze Ada SchH1 Kkl1
Yasko vom Farbenspiel  (3-3)
A - vom Hühnegrab (Angie - Alin, Alin)  (4 - 5, 5)