Orbit vom Hühnegrab SchH3 KKl 1 VA3
Orbit von Hühnegrab VA

Very strongly masculine, powerful and substantial, solidly pigmented, dry dog with very good body proportions and already strikingly good general firmness.  The reserve Best Youth Dog of the previous year has very good body proportions and good outline.  Powerful head, dark eyes, pronounced wither, firm back and well angled croup.  He possesses very good angulation, balanced brisket proportions and clean front.  With very well maintained deportment he demonstrates a roomy gait which is correct coming and going.  During the whole gaiting test he held himself up well with good presentation.

He embodies the type of his grandsire Ursus and must be able to transmit masculinity, pigmentation and correct general construction.  He showed himself to be confident in temperament, energetic and full of spirit.

Vice President Herr Erich Orschler.  Bundessieger Zuchtschau Karlsruhe 2004

Orbit will continue to be trained and shown in Germany with his trainer Anja Krause - for the latest news [Click Here]

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Standing Data:  
Tättoo-Nr: H-N 8967
Date of Birth: 21.07.2002
Abkz: SchH3
HD: normal
ED: normal
BSZ: 03=SG2 04=VA4 06=VA3
Sire: *Yasko vom Farbenspiel, SchH3, VA
Dam: *Pirie vom Haus Dexel, SchH1, V
Jeck Noricum (4-5)
Zamb Wienerau (4-4)
Odin Tannenmeise (5,5,5-5)
Show Career:  
21.04.2003   Bellheim   OG NWKR   VV 1
27.07.2003   Trier-Porta   LG JKR   SG 1
03.08.2003   Homberg   LG JKR  SG 1
05.09.2003   Ulm   BSZ JKR   SG 2
05.06.2004   Schmalkalden   OG JHKR   SG 1
06.06.2004   Herbede   OG JHKR   SG 1
10.06.2004   Boll   OG JHKR   SG 1
20.06.2004   Wiesloch   LG JHKR   SG 1
27.08.2004   Karlsruhe   BSZ GHKR   VA 4
03.10.2004   Pfungstadt   OG GHKR   V 1
17.10.2004   Bochum   CAC GHKR   V 1
09.04.2006   Kirch Pohl Göns     GHKR   V 1
17.04.2006   Bellheim     GHKR   V 1
03.09.2006   Oberhausen     GHKR   VA 3